Hi, my name's Shaun Horlock and i'm a Bournemouth based Illustrator and Graphic Designer. This blog is dedicated to my professional and personal progress on top of posting pictures of my new clothing brand - Openmind Apparel. If you're interested in doing work with me please feel free to send me an email using the link below! Peace!


On Vashon Island (near Seattle, Washington), a tree grows carrying a rather unusual passenger - an old bike. Apparently it was chained to the tree many decades ago and never picked it up, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike. 

Horizon Festival is happening on 23rd March this year. It’s an underground music festival on the mountains of Bulgaria. I highly recommend going. 

Here’s the design that I’ll be releasing as official merchandise - well hopefully - let’s hope it gets printed in time. Comments are more than welcome! 

I’ve got this horrible depression that runs through me when I near off every piece of work; maybe it’s the fact I’m judging myself too much. Either way, I’m not happy with my pieces and I’m not sure why. Just keep on drawing.


Working on a lot of stuff atm, just wanted to show some works in progress to my handful of followers.  So excited to show final pieces, big plans for 2013 :]

My boi marcus has got some absolute killer pieces in the pipeline, I highly suggest you watch his blog!

I decided to make a trippy gif image a while back, and never got round to posting it! I’ll be doing more of these, more experimental, colourful, and trippy :P

I decided to make a trippy gif image a while back, and never got round to posting it! I’ll be doing more of these, more experimental, colourful, and trippy :P

I did a live improvisation at ‘Reality Jam’ yesterday, what an awesome night! This amazing little collage of my progress was done by Rich Smith! 

Sadly - I didn’t get to finish it but I will this week, watch out for more photos of this! 

Blog properly.

The Yoshi design’s been printed for one of my clients in canada. Check them out if you want to buy one!

Selling the last of my stock before the new T-Shirts arrive tomorrow!

New iphone cases in, take a look!


Longmen Grottoes (龙门石窟)

To see more photos of the caves and Buddhist sculptures, check out photos posted from the Longmen Grottoes location page.

The Longmen (Dragon’s Gate) Grottoes constitute one of the most important sites of Chinese Buddhist art and iconography. Nearly 100,000 statues fill more than 1,400 caves carved directly into the limestone cliffs along the Yi River in Henan Province. The carvings range from heights no larger than an inch tall to the the towering 57-foot tall Vairocana, or cosmic Buddha, commissioned by Empress Wu Zeitan of the Tang Dynasty in 672 AD. The Buddha’s ears alone measure six-and-a-half feet. Considered the pinnacle of Tang Dynasty art, the Buddha is strongly believed to be carved in the likeness of the Empress herself as an homage to her patronage of the construction.



Work in progress from Openmind art

Hey guys! Here’s a little video i’ve made for you all. MANY hours of illustration packed in to a 4 minute clip. I hope you enjoy - maybe pick up some of my technique from it!